Still Standing

Want to stay standing no matter what life throws at you? God has given us everything we need to stand in the face of any circumstance. The problem is we often don’t know what we have or how to apply. We end up frustrated, defeated and blaming God. What if we started using [...]

Still Standing2020-01-30T23:01:06-06:00


Learn how to share your faith in a way that actually works God places people in our path for a purpose.  In this series find out who and find out how to participate in what God is doing. More Messages [...]


Already Planted

God is already providing for needs you don't have yet God's will goes ahead of us preparing the path before we even get there.  Learn to see it and walk in faith. More Messages

Already Planted2020-01-31T18:03:27-06:00

Not Finished Yet

Success or failure isn’t determined in the middle – but the end Dealing with incompleteness isn’t a matter of getting comfortable with it, but working towards making it complete.  You’re not finished yet.  It’s time to get up and get going again [...]

Not Finished Yet2020-01-30T21:40:31-06:00
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