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The Secret Place

Isn't it time you found what you've been searching for? Some of God's greatest gifts are given in secret out of the way places.  If that's the case then how are we supposed to discover them? This series entitled “The Secret Place” shows us how to find them. [...]

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How To Start A Fight

Want to know how to win the fight you're facing? God promises victory in our battles - if we go into them following his plan.  To many times we venture out only to be crushed and defeated, wondering where God was when we needed him.  Could it be we missed God's [...]

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How To Get There

The incredible life God has for me sounds great...but how do I actually get there? How many messages have you heard preached about the incredible destinations God has for you?   God wants you to have a life full of peace, or a life full of joy. God wants you to have a [...]

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What's the plan for those of us that aren't perfect? The Bible talks much about the perfect lamb for a sacrifice.  But what was the shepherds plan for the blemished ones?  This is a message that gives hope for all us imperfect people. [...]


Then & Now

What if there was a book in the Bible written to help us deal with ‘todays’ issues? A culture consumed with wealth, sports and information, where people are obsessed with looks and social standing, a world where corruption, lust and deception are just about everywhere you look. There is. This was exactly the [...]

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"Getting my life cleaned up first" is no longer a prerequisite with God What if the masks we use to cover our humanity, weakness or carnality could be dropped and God would still be just as close?  What if we could connect with God where we’re at now and not where we know [...]


Church At Home

Want to have family devotions…but don’t know where to begin? These guides make worship at home simple and fun!  We encourage every family to have Church@Home the last Sunday night of each month.  You’ll be amazed at what God does when we worship together as a family. Downloadable Resources (PDF)BaptismContent with our abilitiesExperiencing Gods LoveFearGreedLoveLoyalty [...]

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Going Blind

Are you willing to find your miracle through your weakness? When we come to God we often want him to work in our areas of strength and comfort.  To fix things in a way that works best for us.  But God often uses a completely different area to do the miraculous in us.  Our [...]

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Counting Down To Pentecost

They were expecting something should you We commonly relate the day of Pentecost with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as told in the book of Acts - but Pentecost actually began over 1000 years before that. Understanding it’s origins and connections make this event even more relevant to you today. [...]

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Still Standing

Want to stay standing no matter what life throws at you? God has given us everything we need to stand in the face of any circumstance. The problem is we often don’t know what we have or how to apply. We end up frustrated, defeated and blaming God. What if we started using [...]

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